The dog’s skin is very sensitive, especially when it is cold outside. Even though the oils in a dog’s skin protect it well, parasites, over-bathing, and other things can still hurt it. These things could make the skin dry and rough. This will, of course, make your dog look very ugly. Try the steps below to keep your dog’s skin in good shape and healthy.

Use a moisturizing shampoo.

Any time of year, shampoo baths can be rough on your dog’s skin, so during the winter, only bathe your dog when it’s necessary. Most of the time, a simple water bath is all your dog needs instead of a shampoo bath. But you should buy a good moisturizing shampoo for your dog so that it doesn’t have problems with its skin or hair in the winter.

Feed your pet right.

If you provide your dog with a balanced diet all year, your dog will go into winter with healthy skin and a well-fed coat. This will keep your dog from getting sick from the cold weather. If you know that your dog’s skin is sensitive and prone to problems, you might want to give them a formula that helps their skin and coat. Your vet from places like Hillcrest Animal Hospital can recommend different formulas with all the ingredients needed to improve skin and coat.

Place an air humidifier near your dog’s bed at night.

You can’t change the temperature outside or keep your dog inside all the time (she needs to go outdoors to use the bathroom), but you can use humidifiers and fans to keep the air moving and keep allergens from gathering in the air and carpets. To ensure everyone, including pets and people, is comfortable, try to avoid using room deodorizers, perfumes, and chemicals to clean carpets and furniture as much as possible. These things can be harmful to sensitive skin.

Consult a vet if you detect skin problem symptoms.

Your dog’s skin can get irritated by more than just cold weather. Skin diseases can also be caused by parasites, underlying health problems like kidney or liver problems, or hormonal or nutritional imbalances. If your dog is scratching and looks in pain, you should take him to the vet so that more serious dermatology & allergy problems can be ruled out.

Never leave your pet outside for long periods.

Even if your pet doesn’t have sensitive or dry skin in the winter, you should never leave a dog or cat outside when it’s freezing. During the winter, you need to take your dog outside and give him the exercise he needs, but you shouldn’t leave him out in the cold.

Brush the coat of your dog regularly.

Many pet wellness plans recommend that you brush your dog’s coat with a soft brush, stimulate the hair follicles and oil glands in the skin, and remove skin patches. Removing dead skin cells and stray hairs from the coat will help the skin naturally grow back.


We all know that winter can be rough on our skin, and our furry friends are no different. Low humidity, cold, windy weather, and cold and warm dogs at different times. During these colder months, if you don’t take care of your dog properly, his skin and coat may suffer, and he may get skin diseases. Follow these steps to keep your dog’s skin and fur in good shape all year round.