A hoarder is someone who compulsively collects items and refuses to part with them. It can be a difficult situation for both the hoarder and their loved ones, as the hoarder’s chaotic behavior creates an overwhelming amount of clutter and mess in their home.

Homes that are kept neat and tidy are generally more pleasant places for people to live in. And we all love to have perfectly spotless homes, but keeping them that way can be overwhelming. This is especially true if the debris has been building up for years and the ‘hoard’ is massive. So, how do you tackle such an enormous task if you have a family member, roommate, or friend you want to help? 

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean a hoarder’s house effectively and quickly.

Assess the Situation and Device a Plan

You need an organized plan to clean a hoarder’s home without causing more stress. Planning beforehand is essential to get through this without putting undue strain on yourself. In order to know what steps to take, it is important to assess the situation in advance. 

The hoarder and you should devise a strategy to help them. Making a strategy requires agreement on a set of ground rules. Nothing should be thrown away without first consulting the collector. Remember that they’ll want to hang on to everything, which could impede your efforts.

Be Prepared With Your Gear and Equipment

There’s no telling what’s lurking in those piles inside the hoarder’s home, so it’s best to be prepared for anything with the right safety equipment. Protect yourself from allergens by wearing a hard helmet, eye protection, and sturdy rubber boots or shoes. Prepare for emergencies by keeping a fire extinguisher, bug spray, flashlight, and first aid supplies on hand. 

The ground may be littered with shards of glass, combustible materials, mold, or insects that become aggressive when agitated. If you discover mold or other biohazardous materials, do not delay contacting a professional mold removal service. These spores of mildew and other forms of contaminants require expert decontamination.

Create a Storage Area

If you have a garden or other outdoor spot, you can put down a tarp and use that as your storage area. In addition, you can clear out the biggest room first and use that as a storage place. Everything you want to keep, donate, or recycle goes here. You should stack it in the storage area to go through it after the property has been cleaned.

Start With the Smallest Area First

The bathroom is one of the ideal areas to start working. Since there isn’t much sentimental stuff stored there, they are typically quick to clean and empty. Additionally, you’ll need access to running water and an available restroom while cleaning.

Perform Tasks on a Room-By-Room Basis

This rule applies to the whole property and each room you clean. You don’t want to make the task even more complicated by constantly tracking new dirt and possessions through an area you have already cleaned up. Once the bathroom is clean, start with the room farthest from the entryway. Before cleaning the floor in each room, remove things piled on beds, tables, and other furniture.

Carry Out Necessary Repairs

Most places where people hoard will have carpets that can’t be saved. Even if it’s still in mint condition, lifting it and looking at the floor underneath is a good idea. Long-term problems with water damage, mold, or vermin can all cause structural damage that needs to be fixed. Check the floors and walls for spots or signs of rot, and consider hiring a property restoration expert if you suspect they have been compromised.

Deep Clean the House

After all the repairs are done, you’ll need to give the house a thorough cleaning before the hoarder moves in. You can do this on your own, or you can hire hoarding cleanup services in Tacoma to help you to ensure everything is clean.


The first step in dealing with a hoarder is to figure out how to start cleaning their house. Once the home has been cleaned and all the clutter has been removed, you need to be strong and help the hoarder, so they don’t go back to their old ways. 

Encourage them to clean properly, make sure they have enough cleaning products, and keep seeing a mental health professional to help them get better. Helping hoarders clean up their homes is a hard and time-consuming job, but it’s possible if you follow these steps.