Recovery from a house fire takes time, but you don’t have to do it alone. Because licensed professionals must complete many of the tasks required, you can rely on dependable assistance as you complete these eight steps.

8 Steps to Restoring a Fire-Damaged Home

Contact Your Insurance Company

Calling the insurance company is the first step in repairing a house after a fire. The claims procedure must begin as soon as possible. If you live in Florida, consult your insurance agent about hiring reputable fire damage restoration services such as PuroClean.

Working with a professional restoration company that has a proven track record and keeps Preferred Vendor status is ideal. If you are still determining whether you need to reconstruct after a fire, consult with your agent and restoration contractor.

Assess Your Home’s Structural Damage

Make sure a fire-damaged home is secure before renovating. Your disaster recovery and property restoration specialist may recommend a structural engineer for this critical part of the project. The engineer’s inspection identifies and specifies repairs for the following

  • Floor joists, basement, second floor, and attic.
  • Internal load-bearing walls. Basement foundation walls.

The restoration specialist can also put you in touch with qualified electricians and carpenters who specialize in fire-damaged home repairs.

Check That the Property Is Secure.

Lock all but one of the doors and board up any broken windows before beginning work on the house. Your restoration contractor’s crew can help with this task. Locking up your home during the rebuilding process reduces the possibility of vandalism. Many insurance companies require that properties be secured after a fire.

Prioritize Structural Repairs

This is another project phase that experts should handle. Skilled carpenters should handle the heavy repairs to ensure the house’s structural integrity. They reconstruct the attic, replace worn-out floor joists and trusses, and secure the interior framework.

Examine and Repair the Electrical System

Even if the fire did not destroy your home, a certified electrician should inspect and repair the electrical system. A new breaker box is frequently required for a fire-damaged home, and all wiring, outlets, and fixtures must be inspected for safety and replaced if they are compromised.

Take Care of Any Fire-Related Issues

Every fire-damaged home renovation requires specialized cleanup to address fire and smoke-related damages. Your restoration specialist handles these and other issues:

  • Mold development on wet sheetrock
  • Smoke stains and sooty remnants
  • Contaminated air ducts

Clean Up Every Room

You must be patient because rebuilding after a fire can take weeks to months on average. Your certified restoration technicians will be your most valuable allies during recovery. They repair damaged sheetrock, replace burned-out floors, and even help you salvage furniture. Take this final stage one room at a time.

Document Everything From Beginning to End

Keep track of all repair and replacement costs because rebuilding after a fire can be costly. Convert your photos and documents to digital files to demonstrate the extent of your loss and the recovery cost. Working with the insurance company is easier by keeping detailed records, and your restoration specialist can assist you throughout the claims process.