There are many cyber threats to manufacturing industry that can jeopardize not only operations but also customer and employee safety. As technology advances, so do the cyber threats. However, there are ways to stay ahead of the curve and protect your business.

Here are 9 tips on how to increase cybersecurity in your manufacturing business:

1. Know Your Network

The first step to good cybersecurity is knowing your network. This includes understanding what devices and software are attached to it and who has access to it. This will help you identify vulnerabilities and potential threats.

2. Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

One of the best ways to protect your network is to keep your software up-to-date. Manufacturers often use outdated software because it’s what they’re comfortable with. However, this can leave you open to cyber attacks.

3. Utilize Strong Passwords

Another way to protect your network is to utilize strong passwords. This means using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. It’s also important to change your passwords regularly.

4. Educate Your Employees

One of the most important things you can do to increase cybersecurity in your manufacturing business is to educate your employees. They must be aware of cyber attack dangers and how to prevent them.

For instance, have an expert in the company discuss important manufacturing technology insights. These could include tips on recognizing phishing emails, spotting social engineering attacks, etc. This could also be an opportunity to educate them about leadership, camaraderie in the company, and other important topics.

5. Use Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software

Firewalls and anti-virus software can also protect your manufacturing business from cyber attacks. This will help block potential threats and keep your network safe. You can do this by installing a firewall on your router and ensuring that all your devices have installed anti-virus software.

6. Backup Your Data

It’s essential to backup your data in case of a cyber attack. This way, you can restore it if necessary. There are many different ways to do this, such as using an external hard drive or cloud storage.

7. Monitor Your Network

You should also monitor your network regularly for any unusual activity. This way, you can spot potential threats and take action to prevent them. Do this by keeping an eye on your logs and traffic data.

8. Implement Security Policies

You should also implement security policies in your manufacturing business. This will help ensure that everyone in the company follows the same security procedures. These policies must be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.

9. Work with a Cybersecurity Provider

Finally, you may want to consider working with a cybersecurity provider. They can help you assess your risks and implement the best security measures for your business. This is especially important if you have complex network systems.

They can also conduct training for your employees, including the managers and supervisors, about the importance of cybersecurity in the manufacturing business. For example, your employees can participate in a lean manufacturing black belt training wherein they will not only learn about quality improvement tools but also the principles of cybersecurity.

This is important because your employees play a vital role in protecting your business from cyber threats. They should be aware of the dangers posed by these threats and how they can help prevent them from happening.

Cybersecurity providers can also help you develop an incident response plan in case your business is attacked.

In Conclusion

When it comes to cybersecurity, manufacturers cannot afford to be complacent. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent and can have devastating consequences. This is why it’s so important to take steps to increase cybersecurity in your manufacturing business. By considering following the tips above, you can make your business more secure and protect it from potential attacks.